Hazy Farms works exclusively with Lion Labs to formulate our premier concentrate. Each jar contains 1G.

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pre-rolled joints

Hazy Farms pre-rolled joints are available in White Widow x Skywalker. The strain provides a heavily relaxing effect, along with mood and appetite boosting qualities. Each pack contains 3 (1G) pre-rolled joints.

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Hazy Farms premium flower is available in Cherry Punch, Mimosa and White Walker. This pure flower is a staple Hazy Farms product and grown and cultivated in Michigan. Each pouch is 3.5G.

Arbor wellnessbloom city club

why hazy farms

Our exclusive products live to stand out on the shelves. Grown and cultivated, while only meeting the highest standards, each of these offerings are sure to please. We carefully consider every aspect of our top-shelf products, from strain selection to type of product, to ensure that the customer experience is one that is as premier as the Hazy Farms brand.

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